Those with a fear of all things creepy and crawly should look away now- this little guy isn’t for you! On the plus side, you won’t have any more flies buzzing about the place with this spider around, but you might find that he starts to set his sights on creatures a bit bigger before long…


Born in Connecticut, Bill Moseley followed a stellar academic career that led him to a BA in English from Yale University and freelance gigs at such prestigious periodicals as Omni, National Lampoon, Rolling Stone, Interview, and Psychology Today. However, he always had a passion for horror and would shoot his own parodies as a way of expressing his creativity.

Moseley was first spotted by TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE auteur Tobe Hopper , who was so impressed with Moseley’s parody, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MANICURE, that he offered him a role in a sequel to the original, as the unforgettable, scene-stealing CHOPTOP.

In the years that followed, Moseley would work continuously in front of the camera, appearing in Chuck Russell’s successful remake of THE BLOB, Clint Eastwood’s PINK CADILLAC, Tom Savini’s remake of Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and Sam Raimi’s third entry in his EVIL DEAD series, ARMY OF DARKNESS. Bill Moseley’s unforgettable and critically acclaimed role as Otis in both of Rob Zombie’s films HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS garnered Bill many Best Actor awards.

Bill Moseley’s other film credits include REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL (directed by SAW franchise director Darren Lynn Bousman), GRINDHOUSE (Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez) and hundreds more.

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